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Our Process

Simple 5 step programme

We have a simple 5 step drawdown programme to ensure speed, ease and efficiency throughout the underwriting process. This enables you to typically drawdown funds within 7-14 working days from the receipt of an enquiry.

Our commitment to providing an added value and personal service to all our customers begins from the initial enquiry which will ensure direct communication with a decision maker throughout the process to keep you updated.


Initial Enquiry

Get in contact directly with a Principal at Silverstream to discuss your case:
Phone: 0207 629 2888

Agreement In Principle

If we can assist with your case: We will issue an Agreement in Principle (AIP) outlining the loan terms and requirements, usually within 24 hours of your enquiry.

Valuation Instructed

On receipt of a signed Agreement in Principle, we will book a valuation with one of our panel valuers (typically within 1-3 working days).

Solicitors Instructed

On receipt of the valuation, we will instruct our solicitors to complete the legal due diligence process. Depending on the urgency of the loan request, we can instruct our solicitors to begin this process at the same time as the valuation report is being prepared.


Once the legal work is finalised, funds can be drawn down immediately. Our solicitor will advance funds to your solicitor and the process will be complete.