A broker contacted us about a client of theirs who had exchanged on a “probate sale” at a London property auction.

Their customer had 4 weeks to complete on the property following exchange at auction. The property was a 2 bedroomed flat located in South East London and had not been refurbished / redecorated for over 25 years.

The broker had initially applied to a mainstream lender for a BTL mortgage. However, as the property did not meet current standards, the lender had refused to finance the purchase following a mortgage valuation. With less than 10 working days to the completion deadline, the broker asked if we could step in and assist their customer.

We agreed terms that same day including additional funds to refurbish the flat so it could comply with a mainstream lender’s requirements (the exit strategy). The valuation and legal process was completed in 8 days ensuring that the customer was able to complete on time without incurring any penalty charges.

Many of our customers often call us before they go to a property auction. We discuss potential funding and agree “in principle” terms to give them the necessary comfort and assurance to bid on the day.

“It is a real pleasure working with Silverstream. Their flexible and practical approach to lending is what sets them apart from other lenders. They are probably the fastest and best “value for money” “specialist lender” in the market.”

P. Anderson


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